What’s Another Year For Tyne Valley Plastics?

Well, we can’t quite believe it’s a year since we last published any news. Apart from apologising, there’s little more we can do except entertain you with some facts and figures:

So in the last 12 months:
• We’ve had 2.5 snow days
• No flood days (thank goodness)
• Our sales year-to-date have grown by a massive 44%
• We’ve taken on another two apprentices (meaning we have four in total now)
• We’ve welcomed Dawn, our new Finance & Systems Manager, into the business.
• Our MD, Gill Rice, has won the STEM Award at the WIN Awards, further increasing her profile as a leading female light in the North East’s manufacturing arena. This has led to some speaking ‘gigs’ for Gill and a visit from Northumberland County Council, who filmed a video for International Women’s Day 2018.
• Gill has celebrated 25 years in business

We’re planning to move soon – it’s all rather exciting, and we’re not going far!  The new factory is just what we’re looking for and has a real ‘feel good’ factor about it.


We promise to endeavour to share more of our successes, challenges, and a few amusing factoids as we progress through the year. Thank you for bearing with us; we’re sure you’ll agree we haven’t been twiddling our thumbs.





ISO9001:2015 achieved

It is with great pride we can announce that Tyne Valley Plastics has achieved ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.
It has been an interesting 12 months which has seen us bounce back from the horrible situation of being flooded to becoming one of the first injection moulding companies in the country to achieve the latest 2015 ISO standard.

Gill Rice, Managing Director says “Certification to ISO 9001:2015 reflects the efforts of our staff, our commitment to quality work and processes, and our commitment to supplying customers with top quality components.
We see the accreditation as a major investment in the future of the business which helps  re-confirm our ongoing commitment to providing our customers with a first-class service”

It’s a landmark day for us.

Gill explains:

“I can’t believe what has happened in the past 366 days. A year today I walked into our factory to find nearly 2 feet of standing water. The offices were wrecked too. What we didn’t realise at the time was that most of our machinery had been damaged. All we saw was a sludgy mess. The smell permeated everything too.

We have achieved so much in the past year, but we couldn’t have done it without our fabulous team here at the factory. I want to thank each and every one of them.

Thanks also to our business advisors and for the support from our customers, suppliers, sub-contractors and business friends far and wide.

Everyone deserves a pat on the back here at the factory in Low Prudhoe”. Gill Rice, MD

Home sweet home

It’s official – we’re staying put in Low Prudhoe. With some assistance, we’ve been able to acquire insurance. At least we won’t be packing boxes!

Gill & Margaret’s Color Run

It was early in the New Year when Margaret, our Systems Manager, suggested we should do a bit of ‘team-building’ in the form of taking part in the Newcastle Color Run.

Full of optimism and resolutions, I decided this was the year!  By the time of the run, in May, I would be an Olympic-class athlete (well, I’d be able to run for the bus at the very least).

Fast-forward almost 5 months to the big day:

Margaret runs as a hobby and has done ever since her time in the RAF.  Her goal was to beat her nieces who are in their late teens or early 20’s.  In addition, Margaret set off 30 minutes after me and overtook me halfway round the course!

In contrast to Margaret, I’m a stranger to most forms of exercise and have not run since I left school – actually, that’s not strictly true.  I remember breaking into a fast sturry (a cross between a stroll and a hurry) when I left my handbag in Argos by accident about ten years ago.

Heading towards my 50th birthday, I wanted to push myself to do a physical challenge, and I succeeded!  The bonus is that I found success without causing myself any personal embarrassment.  I also got my first ever medal. We get so used to pushing ourselves in business that sometimes we forget to have fun.  Now I know I can do it, next year I’ll be doing the Color Run for a nominated charity.





Tyne Valley Plastics’ Visit From MP

We often talk about the benefits of networking and part of our networking strategy is that we are members of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

When the FSB approached us to see if we would like a visit from Guy Opperman, our local MP, we welcomed the opportunity.  Both the FSB and Mr Opperman had a very keen interest in the devastation wreaked by the recent floods, and the subsequent effect on local businesses. Read more

After The Flood

When Storm Desmond charged headlong into the North of England at the beginning of December 2015, little did we know that the mighty River Tyne would be set to wreak havoc on our factory in Prudhoe.  Gill Rice, MD, tells the whole story. Read more

tool model

Our top design tips for plastics

We live in a world where we are surrounded by objects which have been designed to make them fit for a specific purpose. It is, therefore, essential that good design procedures are followed throughout the manufacturing process. Producing a detailed design of your product idea ensures that the end product satisfies the objectives of the project and that your product can be used for its intended purpose. Here at Tyne Valley Plastics we have the expertise required to help you make the right design decisions.

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The Tyne Valley Plastics Team work throughout the summer months

Summer means business as usual at Tyne Valley Plastics

Many of us who have been involved in manufacturing over the years will recognise the terms ‘summer shutdown’ or ‘factory fortnight’.

Historically, manufacturers used to close for 2 weeks mid-summer, allowing their employees to take time off during the summer holidays and for a skeleton staff to catch up on machine maintenance.  Another reason for smaller businesses was so that the boss could also get some time off.

Here at Tyne Valley Plastics, we’re proud to say that we are open for business as normal all summer!

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Tyne Valley Plastics

Tyne Valley Plastics: Showcase Open Day

At Tyne Valley Plastics we are proud to be part of the resurgence in UK manufacturing. Working with a number of partner, UK, companies we can offer customers all that is required to manufacture plastic parts – taking ideas from conception into production. To promote this capability, assisted by of some of these key suppliers, we will be holding our first “Showcase” Open Day on 11 June 2015. Our aim is to highlight what UK plastics manufacturing has to offer and why work is now “re-shoring” in our industry.

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Tyne Valley Plastics Factory

Plastic Injection Moulding

Here at Tyne Valley Plastics, we are incredibly proud to be a part of the resurgence in UK manufacturing, and believe that a big advantage of using us for your plastic injection moulding needs is that we are flexible. So, whether you’re looking for someone to guide you through the full process or just need some products moulded from existing tools, Tyne Valley Plastics are here to help.

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