Chimney Sheep

Eco-Friendly Case Study

We were approached by customer with an original design for handles and fixings for an eco-friendly product which included several metal inserts.

Prior to engaging our services, the customer was advised to get the tooling and manufacturing done in China. Unfortunately, the first drafts of the product were not what the customer expected and needed to be corrected to ensure the design was strong enough and the appropriate plastic used.

Steps taken
  • Discussed options for removing these to reduce piece part cost.
  • Modifications we made which resulted in an all plastic design.
  • An extension rod was designed in-house on the customers behalf.
  • Suggested several material options to meet requirements.
  • Tooling procured and trialled with several materials in order to select the optimum as regards strength, performance and cost.

The components are now in regular production.


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I’ve been really pleased with them, they have done much more than just provide a tooling and manufacturing service, but have gone the extra mile to make sure the product design and quality was right before mass producing them. They offer a friendly and flexible service, and I highly recommend them.

Sally Phillips, Cockermouth