“Unbreakable” Cow Box

Agriculture Case Study

We were approached to manufacture an electronics enclosure for monitoring the activity of a cow.

Customer brief was an “unbreakable” plastic enclosure which would also need to be UV resistant, printed indelibly with a bar code and coloured black. This was to be supplemented by a heavy plastic component to act as a weight.

Steps taken
  • We discussed the design of the enclosure with the customer to ensure optimum design for best mechanical performance at best cost to manufacture in plastic.
  • We offered advice on materials to meet the “unbreakable” criterion. A “supertough” material was the final choice.
  • We suggested using a laser marking material rather than traditional inks which would give a better option for printing an indelible mark.
  • A development programme was then instigated to source the best laser solution compatible with selected base material.
  • Potential additives were sourced, several trials with varying levels of potential additives undertaken to determine the best additive and its optimum addition level for a high definition mark at best cost.

Once this was determined we engaged a speciality additives manufacturer to produce a masterbatch to incorporate the laser marking additive, together with a UV stabiliser in the required colour.


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