Gill & Margaret’s Color Run

It was early in the New Year when Margaret, our Systems Manager, suggested we should do a bit of ‘team-building’ in the form of taking part in the Newcastle Color Run.

Full of optimism and resolutions, I decided this was the year!  By the time of the run, in May, I would be an Olympic-class athlete (well, I’d be able to run for the bus at the very least).

Fast-forward almost 5 months to the big day:

Margaret runs as a hobby and has done ever since her time in the RAF.  Her goal was to beat her nieces who are in their late teens or early 20’s.  In addition, Margaret set off 30 minutes after me and overtook me halfway round the course!

In contrast to Margaret, I’m a stranger to most forms of exercise and have not run since I left school – actually, that’s not strictly true.  I remember breaking into a fast sturry (a cross between a stroll and a hurry) when I left my handbag in Argos by accident about ten years ago.

Heading towards my 50th birthday, I wanted to push myself to do a physical challenge, and I succeeded!  The bonus is that I found success without causing myself any personal embarrassment.  I also got my first ever medal. We get so used to pushing ourselves in business that sometimes we forget to have fun.  Now I know I can do it, next year I’ll be doing the Color Run for a nominated charity.